supervolt 5500


فيتامين يستخدم في حالات فقر الدم الخبيث ومحفز للشهية لاستخدامه في الخيول والماشية والكلاب والقطط والطيور (تسمين ، وضعيات ، تربية أو قتال).
Vitamin used in cases of pernicious anemia and appetite stimulant for use in Horses, Cattle, Swine, Canines, Felines, and Birds (fattening, posture, breeding or combat).

Species: Cattle (meat and milk), Horses, Canines, Felines and Birds (fattening, laying, breeding or fighting).
Dosage: Cattle (meat and milk): – 5 ml. Horses: 5 ml. Canines and Felines: 0.5 – 1 ml. Birds (fattening, posture, breeding or combat): 0.5 ml.
Route of Administration: Intramuscular
Product for exclusive use in Veterinary Medicine

Each mL contains:
Cyanocobalamin (B12) 2500mcg
Hydroxocobalamin 3000 mcg
Vitamin B15 (Excipient) 1250 mcg
Biotin 50mcg
Liver Extract 4% V/V
vehicle 1mL


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