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Uniline company is one of the famous veterinary companies in kingdom of Bahrain, and the gulf region. We are the sole distributor for some of the famous companies in the veterinary market. Our goal to take care of every thing related to the animals health such as (camels & horses & poultry & pets & pit birds and pigeons) We provide a unique services to our clients. 


Uniline Vet Pharmacy is full of multi products selection so any medicine you looking for you will find it in our pharmacy. Our stocks, maintains, and sells a comprehensive inventory of prescription equine medications. These include breeding and foaling medications, antibiotics, hormone therapy, anti-ulcer medications, and dermatologicals, among many others. We also have a complete lineup of over-the-counter and non-prescription medications for equines. These include skin and wound care kits, leg protection solutions, bandages, dewormers, vitamins and electrolytes, milk replacers, surgical supplies, and hoof care instruments. Everything you could need for your animals, Uniline Vet carries.


To be the first in providing our customers with high quality, competitively priced, generic pharmaceutical products and services to our market in Gulf region. 

Our innovative and highly skilled Doctors and workforce whose development we are committed to , are vital to the achievement of our vision. Every action we take follows our care values of integrity, respect, collaboration, excellence and leadership. These values embody the nature of how Uniline company and Pharmacy operates. 


– Exceeding customers expectations – Quality and efficiency of products and process.- Continual backup and support – continual growth and market leadership

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