Body Fat Reducer – Lipo Training 70 Capsules

Vitamin for roosters in training with body fat reducer.
LIPO-TRAINING is a product created for all roosters in the process of training.
It contains a high percentage of vitamins, dehydrated liver and fat burners,
essential for your rooster to be in good condition.

Category: Roosters

Tags: Best Vitamins for Fighting Cocks , For Fighting Cocks
Supplement for Fighting Birds , Supplement for Fighting Cocks
Supplement for Fighting Cocks , Vitamin for Fighting Birds
Vitamin for Fighting Cocks , Vitamins for Fighting Cocks

BODY FAT REDUCER – LIPO TRAINING 70 CAPSULES BENEFITS: Includes Vitamins, Amino Acids. Formulated with L-Methionine powerful fat burner. Enriched with liver. Improves muscular and physical performance. DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: You administer one (1) capsule after each workout, accompanied by a soft food.


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